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NCFE Level 3 for the Early Years Educator

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone aged 16+ who is working or would like to work with babies and young children from birth to 5 years. It will prepare you to enter employment or you could use it as a stepping stone to higher education courses. Working with young children is challenging and requires sensitivity, patience and the ability to work well with others.

What you'll learn

The course is arranged around three themes:

Health and well-being – the knowledge and skills required for supporting healthy lifestyles through food and nutrition, exercise, physical care, emotional wellbeing and knowledge and caring for children who are unwell.

Legislation, frameworks and professional practice – safeguarding, health and safety, equality, diversity and inclusive practice, working in partnership and developing as a professional.

Play, development and learning for school readiness – investigating the importance of play, planning, leading and evaluating play activities, supporting the physical, cognitive and emotional development of children as well as supporting children with additional needs, learning the skills to observe, assess and plan in early years settings.

How you'll learn

Qualifications are delivered in the workplace. You will be allocated a personal Teaching and Learning Co-ordinator and will have access to our online study area where you will find all your learning materials. Your Teaching and Learning Co-ordinator will provide you with personal tutorial support and assessment at pre-arranged times.

How you'll be assessed

Assessment is through a variety of methods including observations in the workplace, witness testimonies, product evidence, professional discussions, assignments and project/case studies. All evidence will be logged to your electronic portfolio of evidence.

What you can do next

Achievement of this qualification will enable learners to access higher level jobs within the sector, e.g. Nursery Supervisor, Nursery Manager, Pre-school Manager/Co-ordinator, etc.  There is also opportunity to go on to further study at higher levels, particularly working towards Team Leading and Management.