Apprenticeship Standards

The system of ‘frameworks’ which has parts in common with all sectors of the economy is being transformed. It will be replaced by a system of ‘standards’.

The new standards set out the essential skills, knowledge and behaviours necessary to be competent in that role. They are being developed by employers, rather than the government, meaning that the training that will be delivered will be higher quality and that more relevant skills will be taught throughout industries.

The standards are being designed to ensure successful development of all areas within Apprenticeships. Gearing Apprentices towards achieving the specific skills for the company that they work for means that once they have completed their course, they will be a fully competent and productive employee.

Each standards is accompanied by a detailed assessment plan which details each skill area and the required knowledge and behaviours that apprentices are required to meet

The apprentice has to be assessed at the end, and the result graded. This end-point assessment must be carried out by a body which is independent of the one which trained the apprentice and is on a new government Register of Apprenticeship Assessment Organisations.

FW Solutions has placed a real focus on the introduction of these and we are committed to continue the introduction of new standards as they become available for delivery.

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Gov.UK – Employing an apprentice