Level 4 Children, Young People and Families Practitioner

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As a practitioner you will be working with children, young people and families, including carers, to achieve positive and sustainable change in their lives. You will demonstrate a passion to care for and about children, young people and families.

You will be skilled in recognising and assessing the complex needs that children, young people and families often present. You will agree with the child, young person or family any specific interventions or referrals. Your approach will be one of respectful curiosity that challenges and supports children, young people and families to achieve their potential and stay safe. You will work alongside other professionals and organisations to share the responsibility for improving outcomes.

The new, National Standards have changed the concept of learning and placed the emphasis for this directly with your employer. During the course of this qualification, the route you will take will link directly to your current job role and assist you to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding and the behaviours required to carry out your job role in an efficient and effective manner.

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Entry Requirements

  • Level 3 Diploma for Residential Childcare
  • Undertake the Disclosure and Barring Service process and provide the result

Method of Assessment

Throughout the duration of this qualification, you will work closely with your allocated Teaching and Learning Coordinator to develop and establish a full portfolio of evidence to support assessment. End Point Assessment will consist of two elements:

Observation of Practice:                  Weighting 50%

An 80-90 minutes individual observation of the apprentice at work. This includes: 10 minute initial briefing session for the apprentice to outline the context of the work about to be undertaken

The actual observation period will be 55- 60 minutes then 15-20 minute clarification question and answer session at the end, for the assessor to gain a clearer understanding of the choices made, the outcomes achieved and to ask the apprentice to reflect on the work undertaken during the observation.

The observation must be designed to make sure that the apprentice demonstrates the required skills, knowledge and behaviours. The observation will consist of a live setting practical example, undertaken at the apprentice’s normal place of work. The practical example chosen must show that the needs of a specific child or young person are at the heart of this work. This will utilise the apprentice’s skills and link their theoretical knowledge to practical working.

The Competence Interview              Weighting 50%

The competence interview is a structured discussion of 55- 60 minutes duration between the apprentice and the independent assessor, focusing on the work covered in the portfolio. It will look at both the work the apprentice has undertaken, the strengths demonstrated and will consider any gaps or weaknesses in knowledge, skills or behaviours. There will be probing questions and discussion about the professional practice undertaken within the course of the apprentice’s work, based on the application of the core skills and knowledge and behaviours which will:

  • confirm and validate judgements about the quality of work;
  • provide evidence for any gaps or perceived weaknesses in skills and knowledge;
  • explore aspects of the work, including how and why it was carried out

Progression Routes

Successful completion of this level 4 standard may lead on to allow you to undertake the level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management for Residential Childcare (England) (QCF)

Apprenticeship Framework