LEP Apprenticeship Grant for Employers (AGE) 2019

The Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership (The LEP) Apprenticeship Grant for Employers (AGE) relaunched on 1 February 2019 with a refresh to the grant criteria.

The grant criteria are:

Core grant (£2,000 and must meet all of the core criteria)

– Businesses with 249 or fewer employees within local authority areas of Bradford, Calderdale, Kirklees, Leeds, Wakefield and York;
– Have never offered apprenticeships before;
– Are offering new employment as an apprenticeship opportunity to 19-24 year olds with associated apprenticeship training via a training provider approved by the Education Skills Funding Agency (ESFA);
– The Apprentices must be following a recognised Apprenticeship Standard or Framework;
– Are paying the national minimum wage for the age of the apprentice from day 1 of their apprenticeship training (above the apprenticeship wage of £3.70). This equates to £5.90 per hour for 18-20 year olds, £7.38 per hour for 21 – 24 year olds.

Top up (additional £500)

– Businesses who meet the core criteria and are also offering Level 4 and above apprenticeships.

– The grant is offered on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to funding availability and verification of all evidence requested;
– The eligibility criteria and payment processes may be altered at any time by the LEP

More details can be found on the grant webpage www.the-lep.com/AGE, where you will find information documents for employers and FAQs.