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My learning experience during lockdown


When lockdown happened, I was nervous, worrying and most of all fearful of the unknown like we all were. I have enjoyed the time most of all about studying from home, I think in a normal working day to day life, you forget about the little things, to take a moment, breathe and carry on. I was enjoying everyday and taking my time with things and not having to rush for deadlines. The thing I haven’t enjoyed was being away from the children, as the months went on you start forgetting little quirks from them and ideas you once had being at work 5 days a week to nothing at all. For me I like to speak in person, to actually be in the moment and write ideas down. When communicating with staff and management from work during lockdown, it’s a lot harder as not everyone had up to date technology, communication was delayed and things weren’t processed as quick as normal as of course, everyone had families to tend to. I think losing my job through the pandemic, with only 6 weeks to go from qualifying as an Early years practitioner, was the worst for me and a real eye opener as to how much companies where struggling financially.

I think the hardest part for me now is trying to move on and think of the future and what plans I would like to set for myself and almost “ move on” from the negativity of losing my job, but then still having to under go assessments and create pieces of work about the time I was at my old nursery so its very mixed emotions. I thought coming to the end of my qualification would have been an exciting, proud time where I was looking forward to my future job role, as much as im still proud and excited, its definitely an anti climax knowing that I wont be going back to see the children or the nursery again. However with that said, one door closing, 5 more opened and lockdown has enabled me to improve my own personal strengths and abilities and I am very happy to say I have secured myself a full time teaching job in September.

There is a lot of platforms available through studying and FW Solutions have been amazing, providing weekly updates on new and exciting articles to read to really keep the passion burning. Through lockdown I was on serval social media pages, specialising in Early years, of people all giving each other advice, guidance and support. It was refreshing to see how many were in my situation and that no one was alone through it. I would definitely recommend groups/social media groups as it gives you the chance to speak to real life people. I wouldn’t recommend pre written articles or guidance about how to cope through lockdown, as sometimes it can make you feel like you should be doing everything differently when in reality, you’re doing absolutely fine.

I think distance learning definitely has its perks for example being able to sit on the sofa and chat to your tutor in a nice calm environment,  is so much nicer than a workplace where your so pre occupied you feel like you don’t get a minute. If I knew then what I knew now, I wouldn’t of been so stressed about things and would have accepted it and remained happy as overall its been a really good experience for me being a student learner through lockdown. I have learnt a lot through this experience that will impact my job role in the future for example, to not overthink, to remain positive and know you’ll always have people around for support, especially with FW solutions.