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Self-care. Who me?


It’s getting colder and darker……… who’s feeling positive?

We don’t need a lot to be happy but it’s important to do little things for ourselves to lift our spirits. It is important that we make time for self-care, whether it be exercise, a beauty regime or a call with your best friend.

As the weather turns colder many people look to their diets as a way of boosting their immune system and keeping healthy. The briefing from the Mental Health Foundation entitled ‘Food for thought’ considers what we eat and drink affects how we feel, think and behave.

What else can we do to improve our well-being? It’s not only what you put into your body that’s important, it’s also how we look after our mental, physical and emotional well-being. When you manage your stress you improve your emotional health and when we are happy we impact positively on those around us.

Here are some ways that help me improve my well-being. What helps you?

  1. Social media feeds – it’s helpful to do a review of who we follow and who appear on our feed regularly– follow people who make you feel good and unfollow those that don’t.
  2.  Volunteer – doing something good for someone else can increase our feeling of self-worth.
  3. Put on a favourite playlist and go for a run.
  4. Have a bath.
  5. Read a book.
  6. Do some yoga.
  7. Cook something nice for the family or bake yourself a treat.
  8. Walk the dog! (or someone else’s!)
  9. Set small, achievable goals. Live one day at a time. You can’t achieve everything at once!

Have a look on our Information and Guidance page for more information on different topics and remember our Safeguarding Officer is always on hand for any concerns you have.